Gerbera Care

Gerbera look stunning in the home, whether they are displayed on their own in the vase, or part of a bouquet arrangement. With proper care, cut gerbera often last a week or more, and there is much you can do to extend their ‘vase life’.


Gerbera Care Tips

We pride ourselves on shipping the freshest product possible. When you prepare your flowers for display in vases, try and do the following:

  • Make sure your display container is clean and sterile. This can be easily accomplished by cleaning in a dishwasher. Hand-washing with antibacterial dish soap is effective as well, though some vases can be difficult to insert cleaning tools into. Rinsing your container with a solution of bleach and water is another effective way to promote sterility
  • If provided, use flower food in the water. Follow instructions on sachet.
  • Flower stems must be re-cut before arranging in your container. If possible use a sharp knife. Scissors are only satisfactory, as they pinch the stem prior to cutting, which can damage stems and inhibit water uptake. Try and cut stems on an angle, which allows more surface area for water uptake
  • Ideally you will change the water and re-cut stems every two days. This practice goes a long way to extending flower longevity
  • A drop or two of bleach in vase water can help keep bacteria levels low. This is very effective in rural areas where treated water is not readily available
  • Display flowers away from heat and sunlight.